31 December 2010

My Favourite Things (Part 1) - Jogging Track

My front yard - I plant all these about 4 years ago
 Salam to all readers,

I'm feeling quite happy because today is a public holiday for all Malaysian. We celebrate victory of a football match between Malaysia and Indonesia. So, the first thing I did today is jogging. We started jogging at 7.35 a.m. Actually I don't mean to tell you about our activity, which I'm sure everyone of you has experienced with. What I actually want to tell you is about our jogging track. This jogging track is actually a road / driveway in front of my house. This driveway is quite long. The length it's about a kilometer. What I like most are the things that I can find and see along the track. To me, all these things are nice and interesting. Well, may be you won't like them. I can understand because I am a nature lover, scenery lover, panorama lover and countryside lover. Okay, I will explain the photos below. Just read the caption.

<><><><>Picture above shows my house gate. Do you see the jogging track? It just a step outside our compound. Beside it is a palm oil plantation, namely Mayfield Division.
 This is the jogging track. It's a very nice and even road. Free from busy traffic. You can either jog or ride.  Sometimes there's also cars and motorbike using this route.
Wafa walking - gay and free

You can also find small canal somewhere along the road. Look how clear the water is..

A very fresh morning. Wafa look so happy...Abang is cycling ahead of her..

Our neighbour - Pak Cik Din Contractor

Our unknown neighbour - nobody live here yet, the house is still under construction

Our another neighbour - The Late Bang Darus house

unknown grass with a nice small flower
Terung pungar - A kind of eggplant with a spike skin
Another grass with small dandelion like flowers..
 Most of the houses here has their own style of fencing. The owner doesn't really care about how does the fence look like , as long as they can protect their crops from their neighbour's herds.
Some of our neighbour are very poor

Look at their fence.. does it look fragile??

 Benches under longan tree

a very country-like looking house. Still under construction.

What I actually like with the house is this unknown weird looking climbing plant

We are getting nearer to the end of the lane...

You can see the end of the lane from here. We never dare to go nearer. Too many dangerous creature like snakes, creepy insects and wild dogs.

My neighbours really love planting puddings

Another canal with column bridges, used by the palm fruit picker.

A cow looking straight at us, when we were on our way home..
My hubby is busy mowing the grass when we arrived...

25 December 2010


Salam to all readers,

My life does change since I become a blogger. I am as busy as ever but there is one more thing added in my life. It's a commitment towards my target group. They are my blog reader. They are a group of people whom I never know before, never care about their background, never think about their interest. They come and give comments. I appreciate them. They ask question, I answer. They give compliments, I thank them. With my very sincere feeling, without any hidden agendas.Some of them has already 'attach' to me in such a way that we care and respect each other entry, we visit and give comment regularly. Some of them, I even by heart their life story. 

beautiful scenery at my kampung
Sometimes I feel like closing all my blogs and come back to my old life. Life that only concern me, my family, my career, my surroundings, my 'orang kampungs' and my community / neighborhood. Actually I already have a list of people that I need to take care of and I'm not really a woman with nothing to do. I have a lot of responsibilities to think of. But somehow I feel that i need to leave something to my next generation, so that when my body bio-degraded (actually I do not know a terminology for this), my 'life' will still go on. As what happened to many famous people like the late 4 Fiqh-Imams. I really admire them and what they did in their life. This is my actual intention of having my own blogs. 

Well, my readers. Please pray that I have enough strength to go on. TQ..

16 December 2010

Procrastination is the thief of time..

procrastinate? pomegranate? don't you think  they sound similar?
Salam my dear friends,

I need to get my office work done by tonight. But what can I do when the internet coverage by maxis broadband is as slow as a sloth? My network hanged and all the data been uploaded halfway. What shall I do now? I need to do something, something that might help me tomorrow. I'm thinking of e mailing all the data to the moderator instead of keying in them in the database? Hmm.. good idea. After all it's not my fault. So, they can fill them in for me. In fact, last week they had already asked me for the raw data. But I refused to give. I thought my refusal might reduce their work, in other word, might help them. But now I realize that I am giving them a big trouble, because they need to pass up the data by 20th December...and they are still waiting for me..Oh dear, forgive me. If I have the ability to know what will happen in future...

Well, luckily I have this blogger: edit layout that can be used to fulfill my past time.. Hmm..eventhough the coverage is slow, I still manage to type something. Alhamdulillah, this thing does not hang like the database.
God is teaching me something. That is, always say insyaAllah Taala and do not promise to others something that you yourself not sure with. Be prepared for the worst and do your work as early as possible. Do not procrastinate your work. Hmm.. I should have done this last week.???

15 December 2010

I Am 'Jack of All Traits??'

my touch on english style curtain

Salam to all readers, may Allah SWT bless your life, may your life full of happiness...today and ever after.

I've done one of the psychological test, which meant for all the individuals to find about themselves, who they are and what category of person they're in.

The result was: You are jack of all trait (with a little explanation about it), further explanation? I have to pay to read them but definitely I won't pay because....I am Jack of all Trait!!!

Jack of all trait is a type of people who loves many things, do many thing and have the ability to master many skills, yet they never deeply in love and practice what they know. They are creative and proactive. As you all know, creative people can easily get bored with the thing they do. They do when they have to. After that they just go and start a new thing that they are interested in.

That's me. When I like something (e.g activity,hobby etc) , I'm so obsess in it. I will learn, i will make it myself, I will place the product somewhere, make some collection... until... until I fall in love with another activity, I will leave the former as though they never exist in my life..

Right now, I really obsess in  making blogs. I have many blogs and I know I will leave 'em one day...

Luckily, I never have the same feeling towards my husband and kids, otherwise????