17 January 2011


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Bosses. They never think about their staffs when they give them assignment....

 By hook or by crook, you must get this number of people to join our courses. Whether you have time to do it? whether you have the ability and competency to do it? It's not our business. You think about it. You work until night? You work during weekend? it's all up to you. You don't have time for your spouse and kids? Who cares?
I want this number. You must achieve this number, because this is my KPI. I get the requirement to be fulfilled. You, my staff is the one who will do the job for me. If 'we' achieve the target, I will remain your boss. If we don't, I will scold or fire you. Any extra payment? Sorry you are the professional, you are not entitle for that. (but actually their staffs do the work more like their servants than professionals).
Aaah.. just to this and just do that. Easy. I give you idea.. you just do. That's my part as a boss. Giving ideas and suggestion. (But they the bosses never actually experiencing the things that they suggest their staffs to do. They never know whether their idea can be work out or not. And actually their staffs has a better idea than theirs).
Ooo.. bosses. Think of your staffs constrains too. Do not just focus on your target. Or your staffs will drop dead very soon...