27 January 2012


This is the continuation of the former article about my love toward my village. Well, there is a few more reasons that I'm sure most of you won't experience at your residents. It's about the animal living harmoniously around my house. After you finish reading and looking at all the photo I've documented, you will agree that I have a large variety of animal living around my residential area. But these are only part of the animal, we have many more..Shall we..

buffalos alongside the river behind my house

My neighbours' goose

the number she has is quite a lot..

Cow (my villagers have a large number of cows and goats)

My naughty friend..

Fresh water fish..

Centepe inside my house..quite a number. They 're really poisonous.

Green turtle ...

camouflage ..nice and quietsome animal.

My cute lovely friend. they are many... very cuddly and I love them..

pigeon... not far from my house.. this type is very expensive

Duck.. quek..quek..

fighting chicken...


Bunny... very cuddle too

Sambar deer... not very far from my house

Kitty cat.. meow....

24 January 2012


I like my village very much. May be to others my village doesn't present the what so call pristine landscape, fairyland scenery or dreamed vacation land. But I still like it because of what comes together with it. The community, the custom, the activity, the herd, the wild life, the back yard and etc. This definitely not the place for holiday goer, we don't even have a  place to acommodate tourist here. It's only a piece of land that gradually built-up and transformed by itself as a result of living activity of it's inhabitants. It 's so difficult to describe in words but the photos and captions might help you to understand.

A canal use to water the paddy field during planting season

My neighbours' backyard.

An unpaved pathway along the river behind my house..

Palm estate meaning for palm oil
Paddy field close-up.

Paddy field close-up. I really like this.

Do you see a net (very transparent) they use to catch some birds.

A fisherman cruising the river behind my house.

'Ixora Javanica' at my house.

Another paddy field scenery.

Road splits the paddy field. Look at the cloud, this is call comolous nimbus.

Another scenery of paddy field.

The other half of the above..

04 January 2012



 This was an educational visit to Uitm Syah Alam with my ex-student of Bukit Mertajam Community College on April 2009 . The visit was nice but more related to fasion and apparel subject that my students studying at that time. I was their Pembangunan Diri (soft skill) lecturer at that time. We went to Uitm Syah Alam at Fakulti Senireka and we were very fortunate because at the same time, the Uitm final year students was having their final year project. So, we got the chance to see their apparel design project. Their experimental design was superb. Not only they displayed their final apparel design but also completed with the packaging, i.e the paperbag for the apparel, which they designed themselves. The bag showed their future company name, brand and contact address. I was really interested to see the bag, even more than the apparel itself. After the visit, we went to KL and Putrajaya to visit some of the famous fashion designer in Malaysia such as Salikin Sidik and Maya Karin wedding dress designer, if i'm not mistaken, his name is Saiful Bahari.

Syah Alam mosque where we performed Subuh (early morning)  prayer during our visit.

My daughters infront of one of the experimental outfit which look more like an alien outfit.

Another 'alien like' outfit...

This one look nicer..

My kids fulfill the emptiness of the exibition area.

Do you see the birds hanging on top? I like this photo without knowing why?

Some of the art exibited there.

The fabric, design and illustrated by Uitm students.

The ferro cement 'moo moo' , looks like a real buffalo.

My student from Bukit Mertajam Community College.

At night, posing at Putrajaya..

Another photo at Putrajaya.

In front of the Prime Minister Office.

At Uitm, before we went home

At Salikin Sidek boutique, one of his outlet at Kuala Lumpur.

03 January 2012

Trip to Southern Thailand

These are actually our last two years photos of our trip to Southern Thailand. Actually we went there to bring our friend home from Mecca. He is a Thai- Malay. He stay in our village at Tasek Gelugor, Penang. His wife is Malaysian. He runs a tomyam stall not far away  from my house. We went to Pathalung to take him home. On the way back, he brought us to his hometown at Narathiwat, Thailand.

Narathiwat (famous as 'Nara' to locals), was quite a scary place. We needed to pass by many groups of Thai soldiers guarding and checking us almost every 5 to 10 kilometres. They sit behind sacks of sand and branches that they arranged in such away that nobody can go through or pass-by easily. There was a horrible bombing tragedy happened two days before we arrived there. Somehow the locals looked so relax and happy as though nothing happen in their village. The market, the shopping area, the food court run like normal.

Apart from staying at his relative home, he also brought us to a few famous place like Danok, Yala, Songkhla and Haatyai. Haatyai was a very nice place to go. But the most memorable place that I visited was Markaz Tableegh Yala where I needed to cover the whole body with burqa to go in. It was such a divine place, very different to other places , very clean, very honourable (sorry if I used wrong adjectives). I hope that this will not be my last visit to Yala.

We also visited Songkhla Beach which was very clean and beautiful, Haadyai shopping area which was crowded with people at night. I cannot believe my own eyes to see the number of human being overcrowding the night market. Such a 'happening' place. If you plan to visit this place, be prepared not to sleep at night..
The followings are a few photos I managed to capture during my busy trip at Southern Thailand.

Clicking your finger to attract the bird. This was a routine to locals. But the man in the photo is my husband.

Nice meal at the market, 'nasi ayer' and 'ubi sira'. love it..

Meal again, even nicer. Somtam, very sweet and spicy. No more 'space' in my stomach..

Don't you think this photo looks nice? with the real background , not the dummy type we used to take at photo studio...

This one is nicer of course...(the photo taken at Nara Riverside.)

Somebody said that my hubby and I look like a just married couple..

the behind scenery looks very nice...

My car (left) and their car (right)...

Looks like high school girl, am I?

This type of transport is abundance in Thailand. My hubby hope to buy one..

 Tableeghi Centre at Yala..

Meal again.. Laksa Thailand..

This might be the main reason why Thailand is famous with pick-up. They put human in.

food stall in the pick up..

Nice security guard.. we talk with him using sign language.

At Songkhla beach.

At Songkhla beach.

At songkhla beach.

At songkhla beach. I dislike statue. But This is only to convince others that we were at Songkhla. 

Bye..bye ..salam..