28 December 2011


On 25 December 2011, we went to Lata Celak, at Iboi, Kupang, Baling, Kedah, Malaysia. This was the nicest fall I ever went. I love it because it far from develepment, not many people know the place, very quiet, very fresh and I feel safe because the water is shallow and I can see the bottom. Actually I've already experienced many Latas like Lata Bukit Hijau which is really steep and long, Hutan Lipur Sg sedim which is very wide and rough, suitable for water rafting (I'm quite afraid with the strong current), Lata Bayu which is deep and dark that come with a nice man made surrounding, Air Terjun Junjong which is small and nice, suitable for children, Hutan lipur Ulu Paip which is very famous, very nice and high. Among all, I like Lata Celak because it is very 'virgin', untouch and natural.  I recommend you yo come here. This place is easy to find. You just go to Grik Jeli highway, a few kilometres after the exit to Kuala Pegang at left, you will see Madrasah Khairiyyah on the right then after that you will see an exit to Iboi. Use the route to Iboi, you will find Kampung Bendang Pecah and after that, here you are... Lata Celak.

Abang standing infront of natural background...

Green, green, evergreen...
My mother- in -law. She looks 'ceria' everytime she join us for picnic.

Testing the water...

Tolong... ada orang terapung!!!


Abah tangkap 'kura-kura'..

Mencari batu untuk dijadikan hiasan rumah...

What are u 2 discussing??

Berenang-renang ketepian..

The water look ok but actually the current quite strong...

Like nenek like cucu...

Nangis, nangis. Itu je kerjanye...
Permandangan yang indah di Lata Celak
Indah sungguh ciptaan Allah SWT... Alhamdulillah..

27 December 2011


Last month on 12,13 and 14 th of November 2011, our family went to Pangkor for a family trip. It was a very happy moment and also very tiring. Actually we planned to save our budget, that's why we bought fresh sea foods and cooked by ourselves. If only the hotel management found out that we cooked rice and even fish curry using my multipurpose rice cooker in our room.. i can't imagine what will happen to us.. he he.. But after that we found out that out idea is not really excellent. Cooking and smoking the fish at night without enough lighting. We barely see our own face, the night was such a dark night and the hotel management don't even care to put a bollard light or at least a bulb..(i'm not going to mention the hotel name b'coz it quite famous at Pangkor.

However, day time was really wonderful, full with activities like snorkelling (that scratched my hubby foot until bleeding, snorkelling at Pangkor was not really fun, incomparable to Redang which is faaaaar better), banana boating which was great! and swimming at Teluk Man...Teluk Man...wow! Nice great place I must suggest you. Only one place we unable to go, (I really hope I can visit this place one day.. they call it Teluk Segadas.. Because it was quite gloomy and rainy on the last day.. Okay! just browsed the photo..bye..
in the ferry..

Do you see the red small entity who really loves to 'appear' in every photo?..

Happy together in the ferry.. (outside was so gloomy and the sea was rather rough..)

at Teluk Nipah waiting for 'Abah' .

Very dark..huh!

Muslimah icon ??

Scuba diving???Ops..snorkelling....

Teluk Man...nice place..clear water.......until they come.

shy..shy cat...

Teluk Man again..

posing with his brand new 'sponsored by me' swim suit..

the water look greeny from far but actually very clean and clear...

Ahmad Nabil .. the wannabe marine scientist.

kakak and adik, adik besar kakak kecik..he..he

rather hot on the second day..

again.. look at the water.

peace...and harmony..
Teluk Man, nice and beautiful..
Push..push the boat....
Hey.. why don't they take us in..r they going to leave us here???
Walk and think...think and walk..

run..run. slow version in the water.

some of the water sport activities..

going home..

fishing rods .. with no catch.

bye..bye see ya, salam..