16 April 2012


The weather one the second day was very clear. We're eager to snorkel that day and I paid RM350.00 to rent a boat special for my family. It's a small boat with one boatman. They said that they will bring us to Tuku Burung (some people call it Tokong Burung), Susu Dara and Rawa Island. Our journey to Tuku Burung was very chalenging due to the strong waves of North Wind. At first my youngest daughter laughed happily and sang 'I believe I can fly', but later she cried very loudly. The waves were very strong that I barely believe we would be able to reach our destination. To the boatman, the strong waves were normal. They sometimes need to move through higher waves up to 7 meter during Monsoon. We reached our destination after about half an hour and prepared ourselves to snorkel.

Ready for snorkeling...at first ...still laughing...but later..

Tuku Burung Island (Bird Temple Island) ... the water was perfect.

Another foto of Tuku Burung Island

I try to take a photo of the clear water.. at this time I was so sea sick..
Poor me, the moment the boat stopped and the boatman lowered the anchor, I started  feeling seasick. It was so suddent and it spoiled all my mood. I was very dizzy that I can't even stand up properly.Later I found that my son also felt the same. Both of us barely went down into the water before we hold the reel and climb back into the boat. The waves was very strong, lullabying  everything. Both of us vomited a lot. Luckily when we vomit, the fish crowding the boat as though we poured them bread ..(lol). The water was so clear, we don't need to snorkel to see the fishes. The fish even jumped and bit my son mouth to get the 'food'. Not long after that, my husband and my youngest swam back to our boat. They too started feeling sea sick. Only my younger twin sister and one of my daughter didn't feel sea sick. They were so lucky and I'm so jealous. I remember at Redang Island, I sea sick but not too bad.
Everybody in the boat collapse..now the beauty of the sea is not attractive anymore..
Fifthteen minutes later the boatman start calling us. We move to Rawa Island. I felt relieved to move there. The boatman seems to understand the situation. Somehow, I managed to control my sickness the moment I see the beauty of Rawa Island.

Rawa Island, Perhentian, Malaysia.

Everybody was happy, running and jumping..

Rawa Island, Perhentian was even more beautiful than the photos I've seen in google image before. I forgot about my sea sickness the moment I put my feet on this land. This is Rawa Island, Perhentian. Malaysia has two Rawa Island. One at Perhentian and another is at Tioman Island, Johore. Both are equally beautiful. If you wish to look at another Rawa, just youtube to : Rawa Blues song by Ron White. I think the other Rawa is more beautiful because it's bigger and the sand is very much whiter. It's as white as bleached corn flour. No kidding!

The beauty of Rawa..

My husband still sea sick at this time. At first I vomited (the last call) and drawn the fishes too the shore.. yuck. Later followed by my husband. He was dizzy and slept at the shore. Very pity. I woke him up to enjoy the water but nothing much help. Later, I discovered that after vomited we felt much better.
Look at the strong waves..

Pristine Rawa...

Ahmad going snorkeling..

The coral fish is a lot...

my little rascal .. only survival of the sea sickness

I gotta Rawa blues.....
If you wanna watch the above photo in movie and see what I mean by a strong North wind, you can click the following url:


An hour later we moved back to Perhentian Island. On the way back we feel very much better. The waves is not as high as before and we managed to reach Fisherman Village at Kampung Pasir Hantu (Ghost Sand Village) at less than thirty minutes. We had our lunch here and buy some food for tea break. The price of the food here much reasonable than that of chalet's.
Ghost Sand Village's fisherman jetty..

plenty fishermen boats.. again..the water was wow..wow

I think this is the most beautiful fisherman village I've ever seen in my whole life. I leave at Penang, very near to the sea and I get used of seeing fisherman village but the scenery here is far more beautiful than that of Penang's. How I wish to stay here longer but we need to move for another snorkeling trip at shark point.
the rocky bank is meant to protect the village during monsoon season..

I still remember when we were having lunch there, a suddent strong wind struck us like lightning. It was so strong that it managed to push one canopy down and broke another canopy. The canopy fell next  to and nearly hit my daughter. Luckily nobody hurt. That's the strength of North Wind that rarely happened at Perhentian. If you wish to visit this village, welcome here but please cover your body because the villager are muslim and they are very shy (plus actually forbidden too) to look at your body. Bye..salaaam.

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