24 May 2012


Posing at the jetty before our expedition
On the second day, we started very early in the morning, preparing ourselves to go snorkelling. This was my first time snorkelling in my life. That's why I feel so nervous and not too excited. We were divided into two groups and were moved in two boats. Out boat was smaller and faster than the other boat. My colleagues screaming and shouting in the boat. They got so excited to see the unbelievable blue colour of the sea.

Speed boat moves rapidly in the blue sea.

The water is always blue, you don't need to touch it up

Out first destination namely Pulau Kerengga
Our first destination is Pulau Kerengga. The water look dark due to the depth. There's many coral fish here especially the blue colour and a normal stripe blue yellow colour. There's also many corals here. I felt so panic when getting down into the water. Eventually, the colour of fishes help me  to overcome my feeling.
Blue color of coral fishes.
An hour later we moves ourselves to the shark point at Long Beach, Redang. This place is famous for big fish like baby shark and all type of fishes that you eat at home. At this time I started feeling sea sick and unable to put the utmost appreciation toward the activity and surroundings.

Snorkelling at Long Beach, Redang Island
There's many foreigners at Long Beach especially the Japanese and all the chinese looking tourists. Long Beach has a lot of dead coral at the beach and it's quite difficult to walk properly. The colour of water is turqoise and very clear. You need not to snorkel to see the fishes, you can see them clearly from the boat.

The last guy to try floating. His nervous feeling was even worse than mine..

They caught the Nemo but later they put  it back into the sea becoz Nemo cannot live without sea anemone.
Redang Marine Park

Our last snorkelling destination was Redang Island Marine Park situated at Pulau Pinang, Redang Island. This was a real nice place. We ate, swam and snorkelled here until 3.00 o'clock. A lot of coral species can be seen here. You can see the branch type, the sponge type, the mushroom type and many other unknown species. There's also a sanctuary means for the turtle egg to hatch. The best things is you can see a reef eel namely 'moray eel' hiding under the coral reef. These are really an unforgetable view in ones life.

Myself resting at the bench after lunch.

The water is very2 clear

This marine park has a wide and long coral bank that's painful to step on.

These are the unknown pieces of material found among dead corals that looks like glass but have smooth edges.
The most memorable thing when I was at Marine Park was the drown memory  . Yes, I was drown there and nearly died. God save my life by sending my student to drag me out of the water. Actually I forgot to wear my life jacket because before I snorkel for the second time there, my sister and I practise swimming, that's why I took off my life jacket. When I snorkeled for the second time, I forgot to wear it back. I was so excited to see the fishes that I unconciously swam without wearing the jacket. I realized only after my google filled with water, and I swallowed a lot of salt water before they saved me. This memory prevented me to swim at any place deeper than my height until now, eventhough now I can already master breast stroke very well.

See you later, salaaamm

Going home next morning

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